The Alchemy of Transformation – from adversity to personal power

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Comfort. Taking an extended staycation in this state inevitably leads us towards complacency. 

That’s when we get “soft.”

That’s when we get lazy.

That’s when excellent opportunities pass us by, because, well… We don’t NEED to do anything about it today.

And so it would seem that only in the midst of a challenge; an adversity that suddenly strikes, does our mind open up to the opportunities before us.

It can be a painful experience at first.

Some might not even make it through.

We might have to lose something, or a lot of things, in order the forces that be to open up enough space for us to accept this NEW {next} phase of our life.

It’s a powerful experience.

And in a twist of logic, the more we resist, the more we clench tightly to the old paradigms; the old ways of thinking, doing, and being, the more friction and difficulty we invite into our experience of transformation.

Change, actually, can be fluid and graceful.

I’m not saying this is easy.

It’s not.

It’s hard.

It’s a pain in the ass.

But, if you focus your mind and intention on what you genuinely wish to create and have in your life… and who you want to become… rather than clinging to what was or what “might have been” you’ll find that you can surf that great and powerful wave of transformation all the way to the promised shore of your beatific future.

So, when the challenges of life come up, do not resist them.

Lean into them, instead.

Muster up all the strength and resilience that you’ve got…

But, more importantly; MOST importantly… 

Open your mind and heart. 

Open up. 

Breakthrough the old, stale, un-serving ideas and qualities that have gotten lodged in your habits; your persona; your personal philosophy of life.

Because only in a state of openness can you receive the blessings of a challenge, a painful adversity, or a struggle for all you thought was important and valuable.

You’ll make it. You’ll grow. You’ll learn. 

And you’ll be wiser, more brilliant, and more lighthearted than when you began this heroic journey.

Let go and flow. 

You got this.


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