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Below I’ve included a few photographs of my adventures thus far, that I feel answer the question “who am I” (as a person) pretty well. Beyond that, I feel it’s necessarily to express something else, due to more recent events in the world.

This isn’t a political platform, but there are certain principles and values of life that are given expression in a beautiful way OR suppressed terribly depending on the form of governing. Through my deep studies and profound experiences of which I’ve learned much about reality (beyond just the obvious and visible), I’ve come to find that freedom, liberty, and justice are most highly regarded in our American society.

I’m proud to be an American and I cherish this glorious nation. On the other hand, I give no merit or support to those who seek to destroy our country and degrade the people and intelligent voices within it. Tyranny, “suppress culture”, anger, hate, rage, rioting, and destruction of the lives of our fellow neighbors has no place in this beautiful nation and neither do those who promote, fuel it, and engage in it.

It is the sign of a very twisted mind and a lack of maturity and spiritual evolution to advocate such actions. On the contrary, it is a sign of great spiritual awakening when we can come together, have intelligent discussions, put aside the brainwashing propaganda of the wicked few who control much of the news media, and work together in peace, harmony, and strength.

I desire only the very best for the people of this world and beyond. Om

Lover of the outdoors

While I invest a considerable amount of time on the computer, I prefer to be surrounded by the trees, plants, insects, and creatures of the forests and jungles.

El Flautista

Flutes are my instrument of choice. Native Amaerican, Bansuri, Quena... I love them all. Something about the breath (life) creating magical reverberations (creation) that lights up my heart when I play

I Save Turtles

In Florida, it's SUPER common to find a turtle crossing the road, often towards certain death. Yes, I'm one of those guys who stops traffic, jumps out of the car, and carries them to safety. Even the little ones.

Lover Of Animals

An accidentally captured moment of cuddles with this happy boy.

Hawaii Love

Although I travelled to Maui for a different reason (helping a friend to heal) I did get to adventure a bit. It's an incredible island. She beckons you to come back the moment you depart.

Carver Of Sorts

I'm hardly masterful at it, but it's fun to take an image and make it "come to life" just a little bit more in the physical sense.


I don't often travel just for vacation (although, that is nice to do). Traveling to somewhere, like the Amazon, for the purpose of self-exploration is a much greater preference.

A Potent Oil

After months of research, I developed an oil (that bathed in the full sun for 4 weeks) to heal joint pain. It turns out, it also heals a LOT more... like an infection of the nose or a bad scrape (from feisty cat)

Famous Cranberry Sauce Maker

Every year I make a cranberry sauce from a "secret" recipe. It started as one jar... but, once the neighbors tasted it, it's become a larger production each year (p.s. I happily share this "secret" recipe with any who desire it)


The more you document, the more you can learn from your own ideas and life experiences. This is the most important form of education a human being can undertake. It's worthy of further exploration in all fields of learning.

Maker Of Medicinas

Mother Nature has the solution for every ailment and it's not nearly as difficult or daunting as it might seem to create your own healing & well-being remedies

Love My Cat

But, he can be a little monster to other people, hence the GIFTED socks of him in full "rawr" mode